Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chart of the Day and a Biographical note

I was given this birthday card by my partner yesterday. Isn't she lovely?! This is a great chart  and bit too honest .

I also received yesterday an email I wrote myself five years ago. There is this website FutureMe, which allows you to send an email to your future self. You just have to write a message, point to a destination email address and the date when the email will be received. The email I received yesterday was written right after I had moved to Oxford. It was written by a younger Rafa who was thrilled to start a PhD but also insecure if he belonged to that place, and someone who had lots of questions about how my life would unfold in the following years. I'm glad about the answers I have today for the questions I had back then.

I write these emails to my future self once every two or three years. I find it a great exercise to reflect about life and to keep track of how my thoughts, ideas, fears, plans etc change over time. You should give it a try,

ps. FutureMe is a free website and they didn't pay me to write this post.

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