Monday, May 30, 2011

The (US) National Mean Center of Population

Fast post: Each decade the Census Bureau of the US calculates the National Mean Center of Population. This is the animated map displaying the evolution of its position (and here is a different static version of the map). Hat tip to Maptd blog.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Some marriage and divorce statistics

Ok! now back fom the honeymoon to the real world. Something tells me I shouldn't be much enthusiastic about this (I refer to the real world....) So this is just a fast post with some links to marriage and divorce statistics:

  1. More or Less (Tim Harford) talks about the decreasing marriage rate in the UK and other wedding-related statistics.
  2. An interesting article by Jacob Langenfeld (NewGeography) on divorce and demographics by state in the US.
  3. The journal Population, Space and Place has just published this paper: Spatial Variation in Divorce and Separation: Compositional or Contextual Effects? (by Hill Kulu). In fact, I can't recommend the paper. I've been recommended by my wife not to read it.
  4. Recent marriage and divorce trends in the US (FlowingData)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Old concepts for the city's future"

A pretty good video about São Luís* with a transportation proposal for the city (by Diogo Pires Ferreira). The video is based on his MA. Project called "The rescue of old concepts for the city's future".
*a city in the northeast of Brazil

You can also watch a similar video for Barcelona. I thank Prof. Frederico de Holanda for the tip

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Assorted Links - Booming Metropolis

#12 Rio de Janeiro
#3 Mexico City
#2 São Paulo
#1 London

  • Urban World: Mapping The Economic Power Of Cities - a not
    not so new
    report from the McKinsey Global Institute explores 600 urban centers over the next 15 years15 years. "[...] the center of gravity of the urban world will move south and, even more decisively, east (thanks Waldery Rodrigues Junior for the tip)