Wednesday, December 21, 2016

R Links

  1. A new R package establishes an interface between R and QGIS - RQGIS , and a video tutorial showing the new ArcGIS interface for R

  2. PISA 2015 – how to read/process/plot PISA data with R

  3. bayesPop, the package for Bayesian population projections used by the UN, by Adrian Raftery via Bernardo L Queiroz. Here is the paper

  4. Improving R animated GIFs with tweenr,by Leonard Kiefer

  5. Simple and interactive R Graph Catalog

  6. An interactive color chooser for #rstats

  7. Creating tilted and stacked maps in R using ggplot2

  8. Urška Demšar et al have written an script in R to visualize Stacked Space-Time Densities around trajectories. The related paper is here

credit: Urška Demšar

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