Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Assorted links

  1. The emergence of "4D printing"

  2.  A great piece on New York’s Shadow Transit, by Aaron Reiss

  3. Report: a multidimensional comparison of  24 medium-sized European cities with population around 100 thousand (ht Andreas Zeidlitz)

  4. 25 Brutally Honest Peer Review Comments From Scientists

  5. The Economist has published a nice piece on about how the emerging world is becoming suburban. As usual, Peter Gordon is very sharp in finding a few weak points of this unifying discourse on "the suburb" as a single reality

  6. The smallest creation of the human form in history

  7. Pictures From The Coldest Inhabited Town On Earth 

  8. Joel Cohen: An Introduction to Demography

  9. What Are Traffic Waves and Why Do They Happen So Much? , by Lewis Lehe

  10. Top Ph.D programs in Philosophy, by Kieran Healy (ht Pedro Souza)

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[image credit: Kieran Healy]


Fabio Storino said...

The Economist's piece on suburbia is broken. Is this the correct link? http://www.economist.com/suburbs

Rafael H M Pereira said...

Yeap, that's the link. Thanks for the heads up, Fabio!