Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rise in Transport Costs in Brazil

In June 2013, the rise in Bus fares were the spark for huge protests in more than 80 cities in BrazilIn this report (published in Portuguese last year) we analyze some of the main pricing and funding issues of public transport in Brazil. The rise in transport costs in the country is just of them, and in which govermental policies have played an important role subsidizing gasoline consumption and the purchase of new cars.

For more details and a further discussion on this issue, you may read the report here.

And for now, here are some figures and a chart showing the increase in inflation and its transport components between 2000 and 2012 for the largest Brazilian metropolitan areas.

IPCA (Inflation): 125%
Bus fares: 192%
Gasoline: 122%
Owning a vehicle: 44%

[click on the image to enlarge it]

Label Translation:
  • IPCA = consumer price index
  • Tarifa de ônibus = Bus fare
  • Tarifa de Metro = Subway fare
  • Gasolia = Gasoline
  • Veículo próprio = Owning a vehicle (car or motocycle), including purchase and maintenance expenses.