Thursday, October 28, 2010

Potential bridge: OSM and Space Syntax boring

Jonathan Crowe came up with this video down here (via OpenGeoData). It's pretty impressive how collaborative people can get and share public datasets on streets information around the world. [This video here is more surprising though]

Whenever I hear about the OpenStreetMap Project I can't help thinking about Space Syntax. Hand drawing an axial map is really boring and takes a lot of time too! The point is: Does anyone have any idea on how to convert OSM data to space syntax softwares?

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Danny Edwards said...

I have the same question. I need to do space syntax analysis on a few dutch metropolitan areas. The space syntax models would be around 80.000 road centre lines each.

Not only boring and time consuming, but just plain stupid. It is possible to download openstreetmap data for the Netherlands [the whole planet in fact, weekly updates], but how to filter out the vector data subset with just the RCL's?? Any suggestions?