Thursday, October 21, 2010

ALAP 2010, cultural changes and low fertility rates

A friend of mine (Joice Melo Vieira) has just reminded me about the ALAP* conference. It's going to be held in Habana/Cuba (16 al 19 de noviembre de 2010). The motto of this year's Conference is "Condiciones y Transformaciones Culturales, Factores Económicos y Tendencias Demográficas en Latinoamerica" (Cultural Conditions and Changes, Economic and Demographic Trends in Latin America).

About this I recommend the post "Philip Longman on global aging" at Demography Matters blog.

The central argument presented by Longman (as I see it) is that low fertility rates are connected to cultural norms. What are the social/economic perceptions people in general have about raising a child? a burden? a gift? It's suggested that tackling subreplacement fertility will not go to far without a discussion about this.

Ok, this is pretty obvious. It is not so obvious though how to deal with it. Economic incentives to child birth and raise don't seem to be effective enough to raise fertilty rates.

*ALAP - Asociación Latino Americana de Población