Current projects

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  1. The Access to Opportunities Project: an atlas of accessibility to health services, employment and education opportunities at high spatial resolution in the largest urban areas in Brazil by public and active transportation modes
  2. Pitfalls in the measurement of transport inequalities and transport poverty
  3. Towards an international comparisons of access to opportunities
  4. Spatiotemporal variations of travel time in cities using emerging data sources
  5. An emission model of public transport systems at high spatial and temporal resolution
  6. Property Value Assessment and the Effects of Transport Investments
  7. Using GPS data to improve spatial-temporal accuracy of accessibility analysis by public transport
  8. Transport accessibility as capability: contrast between subjective accounts and objective measurements
  9. Free public transport and the purchase of private cars
  10. A machine learning approach to defining potentially overlapping labor markets with heterogeneous workers and job types
  11. Network science and equity in transport accessibility
  12. The association between car and motorcycle ownership and obesity, hypertension, and diabetes
  13. Life expectancy gap and income inequality in Brazil
  14. [book] Social Issues in Transport Planning