Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Assorted Links on COVID19

I must say I've been feeling saturated and underwhelmed by the number of data analysts who suddenly became public health and epidemiology experts creating so many data dashboards on COVID-19. There I said it.

Having said that, there many interesting and intelligent people working to understand how the COVID-19 epidemic affects and is affected by demography and human mobility patterns, and how these relationships intersect with and reveal our socioeconomic inequities. I've selected some of the best pieces on the coronavirus crisis I've come across so far.
  1. Our World in Data: possibly one the best websites to get updated data and interactive visualizations, by Max Roser and an amazing team at Oxford.

  2. Google published a series of Community Mobility Reports ... in PDF format !!! Fortunately, you can find the data in .csv here, scraped by Vitor Batista

  3. The effect of human mobility and control measures on the COVID-19 epidemic in China. Paper by Moritz Kraemer et al.

  4. Changes in nighttime lights reveal a dramatic decrease in Wuhan following the COVID-19 outbreak, via Joshua Stevens (one of  my favorite Twitter accounts)

  5. Kuan Butts shows the dramatic impact quarantining has had in road traffic in major cities around the world

  6. How much is air traffic down from normal levels? More than half, by Niko Kommenda for The Guardian

  7. Satellite images show pollution on the decline in the US and Europe

  8. The coronavirus epidemic has also significantly decreased public transport ridershiprestaurant bookings, retail activities, energy use and congestion levels

  9. My all favorite. Article on the NYT illustrate how quarantine is a class and racial privilege. Smartphone location data reveals how many lower-income workers continue to move around in cities across the U.S., while wealthier people 'can afford' to stay home and limit their exposure to the coronavirus. Brilliant piece by Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Denise Lu and Gabriel Dance.