Sunday, September 24, 2017

Assorted Links

  1. The next time you have "a new idea no one's thought of before", read this list, be humble and go back to  Google  the library.

  2. This website helps you select a projection for your map (paper here)

  3. Mapping London’s “pseudo-public spaces,” spaces “that appear to be public but are... controlled by developers.” via Geoff Manaugh

  4. How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Ocean Floor’s Secrets via Sabrina Lai, who is the creator/admin of a great group about Geographical analysis, urban modeling, spatial statistics on Facebook

  5. Infographic of the fascinating timeline of the far future via Tyler Cowen
    1. In a 100 million years from now: “Future archaeologists should be able to identify an ‘Urban Stratum’ of fossilized great coastal cities, mostly through the remains of underground infrastructure such as building foundations and utility tunnels.”.

  6. 100 greatest images of Saturn from its Cassini Mission

  7. Heads up for some great opportunities:
    1. University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Geography invites applications for a tenure-track position in spatial data science
    2. The Ohio State University, Department of Geography invites applications for a tenure track position with expertise in areas such as spatial-temporal data analytics, spatial simulation and modeling, cyberGIS and high performance computing, and/or geovisualization
    3. University of Texas St Antonio is hiring a tenure track/Associate demographer who works with big data

  8. Beautiful data visualization of music, by Nicholas Rougeux

    This is a data visualization of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. You should read it read clockwise.
    Size = note length
    Distance from center = pitch
    Colors = instruments.

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