Friday, November 25, 2016

Carmageddon and Jamzilla in Los Angeles

I have already posted in the blog about the The Black Hole Theory of Highway Investment. For this matter, LA's 405 freeway is quite an iconic case as it has been the stage of 'Carmageddons' and 'Jamzillas' over the years.

Happy thanksgiving to our friends in LA.

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Leonardo Monasterio said...

Hi Rafael,

I used to take the 405 everyday while in LA. It was a love/hate relationship, but mostly love. (Maybe I loved it because it was just a 10-15 minute ride on the freeway and I had a flexible schedule .)
BTW, have you checked wikipedia? The predicted Carmageddon never happenend!
Best, Leo..

Rafael H M Pereira said...

Lucky you.

Yep, this story on Wikipedia is hilarious.

but although traffic wasn't bad on the day that the term 'Carmageddon' was coined, 405 users frequently have face major congestion levels nowadays, right?