Sunday, September 25, 2016

Assorted Links

  1. 80,000 photographs of 19th-Century New York City, arranged by location , and a similar project focused on London with pictures and movies movies

  2. Theory, Culture & Society has a special issue with some of the most influential works of John Urry (ht mCenter Drexel)

  3. Schelling-like interactive segregation model by Nicky Case

  4. Open data: Unveiling the geography of historical patents in the United States from 1836 to 1975

  5. How significant is racial inequality in education in Brazil ? via MR

  6. Now you can contribute to Moral Machine! A new platform from an MIT project for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars. HT Cesar Hidalgo

  7. How the robots revolution started 

  8. Mapping internal connectivity through human migration in malaria endemic countries (alt. link)


Joe R said...

Hi, I think regarding migration and urban expansion, and particularly the African map above, the following video might be an interesting to watch.

Joe R said...

Plus, a lot of the links above aren´t working ( for me at least ).

Rafael H M Pereira said...

Thank you for sharing the link Joe. Aravena's presentation is truly inspiring. Regarding the links, I've just checked them and they are all working. Maybe you would like to check it again.