Sunday, August 7, 2016

Urban transformations in the run-up to the Rio Olympics

The eviction of 77,000 favela residents to open space for the infrastructure investments in Rio, however, is also an important but less visible part of the city transformations. The guys at Rio on Watch (twitter) have been doing a good work in covering the negative impacts of the Olympics.

Apart from that, there has been an overload of interesting articles to read about the Olympics in Rio. For articles in English, I've been enjoying following Alex Cuadros, Brasil Wire, Juliana BarbassaSimon Romero and Jonathan Watts.

UPDATE: Vila Autodromo is one of the most affected Favelas by the Olympics as it sits literally next to the Olympic Park. The LA Times have just published a before-after photo of Vila Autodromo, showing how a big part of the favela has been transformed into a parking lot.

credit: Washing Post

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