Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Residential mobility and social polarisation in Barcelona

A new study by Toni brings an interesting analysis on residential mobility and social polarisation in Barcelona.

López-Gay, A. (2016) “Barcelona’s got talent: migration, residential change and socioeconomic polarisation”, Perspectives Demogràfiques, num. 3, pp. 1-4.
"The data show that Barcelona has considerable power of attraction for a highly-qualified youthful population, but little power when it comes to distributing this population homogeneously among its neighbourhoods. The central part of the city is more attractive for the well-qualified population which is arriving, while hardly any of the less-educated population is moving into these neighbourhoods. Moreover, the internal residential mobility of the Barcelona inhabitants tends to perpetuate pre-existing socioeconomic differences in the city [...] . The combination of these dynamics is, then, contributing towards the process of socioeconomic polarisation in the city of Barcelona."

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