Monday, December 7, 2015

Brazil Racial Dotmap

A few weeks ago, we made a blog post about the racial dot map of Rio de Janeiro, inspired by Bill Rankin's maps on segregation and the racial dot map of the US.

Fábio Vasconcellos has just pointed out on his twitter to the Racial Dotmap of Brazil, with 190 million dots distributed distributed within Brazilian census tracts. The map was created using a Python script in QGIS, which is available on GitHub.

Each dot represents a person. Blue dots represent white people, while green and red dots represent brown and black people.
[credit: Pata]

Here is the US racial dot map. The two maps are not 100% comparable since the racial categories used in both maps are not exactly the same, but they give a rough comparison of how white and black populations are spatially distributed in both countries.

[credit: Dustin Cable]