Friday, August 22, 2014

Listen to Durkheim delivering a talk

Kieran Healy (Duke Uni) and Marion Fourcade (Berkeley) found this recording of Émile Durkheim delivering a talk in 1911 (ht Pedro Souza). This is an amazing piece of history as Durkheim is one the the founding fathers of Sociology. He is also my favourite author of the three little pigs of Sociology, Durkheim, Weber and Marx.

In his blog, Kieran Healy writes:
"It’s a fragment of a piece titled Jugements de valeur et jugements de réalité, which you can read in French here. It was recorded in 1911 at a meeting in Bologna, which I think is one of only quite few times that Durkheim left France in order to attend a conference. Here it is. (There’s a short bit of dead silence at the beginning.)"