Monday, July 22, 2013

The Most-Cited Articles from Urban Studies

  1. Social Cohesion, Social Capital and the Neighbourhood
  2. Industrial Clusters: Complexes, Agglomeration and/or Social Networks?
  3. Clusters from the Inside and Out: Local Dynamics and Global Linkages
  4. The Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis: What Has the Evidence Shown?
  5. Is the Journey to Work Explained by Urban Structure?
  6. Governance Innovation and the Citizen: The Janus Face of Governance-beyond-the-State
  7. Social Polarisation in Global Cities: Theory and Evidence
  8. Unravelling the Process of 'Partnership' in Urban Regeneration Policy
  9. Creative Cities and Economic Development
  10. Spatial Mismatch or Automobile Mismatch? An Examination of Race, Residence and Commuting in US Metropolitan Areas
  11. ...

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