Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Reader Doomsday

If you follow Urban Demographcis via our Twitter or Facebook page, you don't need to bother with this post. However, if you read this blog using any RSS Feed Reader, this post may be useful*. 

[Image Credit: Feedly]

As you likely know by now, Google is shutting Google Reader down on July 1fst. Tyler Cowen has pointed out to a list of alternative options, showing that there's Life after Google Reader (no need to panic). By the way, I have tested myself a few of those alternatives (NewsBluer, Flipboard, FeddlerRSS, The Old Reader and Feedly). I'm sticking with Feedly, at least for a while.

Additionally, I'm not sure how Google Reader shutdown will affect the 'blogosphere' because some RSS readers are dependent upon Google Reader to work. Besides, it migh break a couple of links I have posted in the past. Anyway, here is our RSS feed, just in case you need to re-subscribe to this blog.

Based on previous experience though, things will sort themselves out.

* If you have the habit of reading blogs and websites AND you don't know what a RSS Feed Reader is....then you should consider taking 5 minutes of your time to learn how it works. It can give a big boost to your productivity  procrastination .