Thursday, January 12, 2012

Assorted links on Congestion

[image credit: Jacob]

  1. Congestion costs in Australia

  2. Braess paradox: “Put simply, the paradox ... says that adding a new road to a transportation network, rather than making things batter, may actually slow things down for all its users” (Vanderbilt in Traffic). We have just presented a working paper at the 8th Space Syntax Symposium that analyses the relationship between street-network connectivity and travel time variability. Well, It's jus a working paper but the results suggest that the Braess paradox should be the exception.

  3. The Case for Congestion Pricing

  4. "Congestion is a bit like cholesterol - if you don’t have any, you die"

  5. The Brazilian government has just signed a federal law that gives municipalities the legal support to implement congestion pricing schemes (revenue must be provided to public transportation) -  written in Portuguese only. 
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