Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seven drivers to population growth in US

[Image Credit: The Texas Tribune obs. shame on me.... I couldn't find a map of population growth rate by county]

Seven drivers to population growth in US counties*:
  1. Higher incomes
  2. January temperature
  3. Proximity to ports
  4. Higher density level (not too high)
  5. Education level
  6. Low manufacturing employment
  7. Limits to housing supply

*source: This is a brief overview of major trends in population growth at the county level written by Glaeser). And here he is talking about Gibrat’s law  "which posits that there is no correlation between initial population and percentage growth in population".

All these trends make me remember Prof. Daniel J. Hogan. He used to stress the growing importance of migration as the main driver of population growth in low fertility contexts. But this shall be subject to a future post.