Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Education-specific population projections

I was working on the project "Scenarios for the Brazilian labor market" when I bumped into this paper: "Projection of populations by level of educational attainment, age, and sex for 120 countries for 2005-2050" (KC et al, 2010).

It's a very interesting paper, and It's part of an ambitious project. The authors produce projections for 120 countries! (covering 93% of the world population in 2005!) by five-year age groups, sex, and four levels of educational attainment for the years 2005-2050.

You can download the paper here. The database and can be accessed here. Congratulations to the joint effort of IIASA and the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID)!

teaser: The population of India aged 20-64 by education level, 1970-2050

source: KC et al (2010)

teaser: Structure by age, sex, and level of education for South Africa for the year 2000

source: KC et al (2010)

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