Thursday, November 4, 2010

Social Geography of Votes in Brazil

Now at the intraurban-scale: these maps show the Brazilian Election results* by electoral zones for São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.

Nelson Rojas and Luiz Cesar Ribeiro (from Observatório das Metrópoles) discuss the social polarization over space that emerges from these election results (here, in portuguese). The main conclusions drawn by the authors is that:

  1. The maps of 2010 election results are very similar with the electoral map of 2006 - the last confrontation between the PSDB (right wing) and the PT (left wing); and

  2. In both cities PSDB clearly had more votes in the more affluent urban areas meanwhile PT had an overwhelming victory in the depressed urban areas.
[it looks to me that the "Social Geographies of Votes" at regional and intraurban scales are similar to some extent. As a rule PSDB has the preference of richer araes, PT has the preference of deprived ones]

* ps. update regarding the last post: this is the best map of Brazilian Election results by municipality. It's possible to filter results by GDP, homicide rate, % of population receiving Bolsa Família benefits, etc. (tip from a friend of mine: Mauro Oddo, the best storyteller).

    (maps by Estadão via Observatório das Metrópoles)