Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IpeaGEO launched !

IpeaGEO has been launched !

IpeaGEO is a free software for spatial analysis developed at the the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea-Brazil). It combines spatial analysis (from the basics statistics to advanced spatial econometric models) with a friendly interface.

Although the software comes in portuguese, you should try it. Is pretty intuitive and much better than GeoDa !

You can download IpeaGEO here.

ps. 1 - The software was developed by Alexandre Ywata / Pedro Albuquerque and their team at the Division of Regional, Urban and Environmental Studies (Ipea-Brazil).

ps. 2 - A Brazilian dataset and some shape files come along with the software (also in portuguese). But, of course, you can use your data and shape files.

ps. 3 - Some of the available tools:
  • Global and local measures of spatial dependence: Moran, Geary, Getis-Ord Gi*, Lisa
  • Spatial segregation measures - eveness / exposition / clustering
  • OLS, 2SLS, Logit, Probit, SAR, SEM, SAC, GMM, spatial GMM and others….