Monday, June 17, 2019

Assorted links

  1. 25% of students think they are in the top 1% of social skills. 94% of professors think their work is better than their peers. The Social Psychology of Biased Self-Assessment (ht Leo Monasterio)

  2. What happened when New York City (randomly) increased street lighting? Crime fell by 36% as a direct result. HT John B. Holbein ‏, who is great at finding this kind of gems by the way.

  3. Sacred Spaces: a series on modernist churches' by Thibaud Poirier, HT Darran Anderson

  4. Interesting report comparing housing in London , New York City, Paris and Tokyo, by Jim Gleeson. Some key results summarized in this short thread.

  5. The power of a single book. Beautiful metaphor for how ideas can have real impact

  6. The data that was missing in your research: an incredibly detailed 3-D maps of the lunar surface

  7. Microsoft Researchers trained a neural network to analyze satellite imagery and generate the footprints of 125,192,184 building in all 50 US states. The data are available on GitHubGreat coverage in the NYT, by Tim Wallace et al.

image credit: NYT

The suburbs of Mesa, Arizona

image credit: NYT

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