Saturday, May 18, 2019

Biographical note: ITF/OECD award

Hi all. I am so glad to share that I have been honored with the 2019 Young Researcher of the Year Award, by the International Transport Forum (ITF/OECD). As I've said many times, this award speaks volumes about the generous guidance and support I have received from supervisors and colleagues at both Oxford and Ipea to conduct my research. Special thanks to my incredibly  demanding  supportive supervisors Tim Schwanen and David Banister. Thanks!

This is the award-winning paper, where I investigate the future impacts that different scenarios of a major BRT in Rio de Janeiro could have on access to employment opportunities for different income groups. The study also shows that the the equity assessment of transport projects based on accessibility estimates using cumulative opportunity measures with a single time threshold (the most common practice adopted by academic studies and transport agencies) can lead to misleading or partial conclusions. The preprint of the study is available for download here (it includes a spatial regression analysis that didn't make it into the paper because or reviewer #2).

Thanks to the award, I'll be attending the 2019 International Transport Forum Summit in Leipzig next week. The team at ITF will be Twitting about the Summit. I'll be presenting the paper on May 23rd at  5:15pm (local time). Apparently, it will be webcasted on Facebook Live.

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